Current Unsung Heroes of World Football

10. Arturo Vidal.

This super talented Chilean is one of the most prominent members of his club, Juventus and he still haven’t really been blessed with the justice. We might fee like, to some extent he is getting overshadowed by Andrea Pirlo in the midfield and is not getting the deserved applause, and this certainly hold some truth. Arturo Vidal is a fantastic all round player who is a perfect Midfielder who contributes from both the departments of Attacking and Defending. Vidal is a sort of player who defends incredibly well in the middle of the pitch, deliver excellent passes and even scores as well, but at the end of the day he just doesn’t get the credits which he deserves, which should be much more than the actual. Vidal have always played a big role in Juventus success over the years and truly deserves more attention.

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