Players that Manchester-United nearly signed

10. Cesc Fabregas.

We all know the impact which Cesc Fabregas creates in a game and particularly in his spree with Arsenal, he reflected the football genius in him throughout his career. Perhaps, that is what made him join his dream club where he played in his youth, FC Barcelona. However, after a decent spell with the Spanish giants, Manchester United showed deep interest in signing Fabregas, but unfortunately things didn’t go well and the deal wasn’t agreed between both the parties. Later on, Barcelona felt that they won’t need the Spanish midfielder anymore and his future at the club was under serious speculations. With this being said, it was quite inevitable that some top clubs would show interest in him and Manchester United were not the one of them. They failed to act on the right moment and the deal wasn’t made. If the previous effort of the Red Devils would have been upto the mark, then Cesc Fabregas would well have been playing with Manchester United.

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